Hello! This is Pongo Power, Inc.

Nothing too complicated at Pongo Power. We offer pure health and fitness here. Oh, there is the occasional life changing moment, and/or laughter to compliment this occasion. Yes folks, your personal trainer may laugh at you. It happens. You may laugh at your personal trainer. Trainers can be silly.

More often then not, you’ll be laughing with your personal trainer. Otherwise, there may be an awkward moment in which either you or your personal trainer is laughing on the inside. After all, change isn’t easy. We can’t be laughing all the time. So, albeit grueling and tough; lifting various odd objects, while gaining flexibility, stability, strength, and power is not the worst case scenario.

The bottom line is that we do a lot of systematic progressions here. Yes, there is a system. America may think that fitness is a mystery.  In reality, fitness it is a science. Sports science is logical and progress is exciting. So be ready to get to work when you walk in the door. Pongo Power  is ready for you.

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