Chocolate Chemical Cake

Many years ago, my grandmother baked a cake for her daughter’s birthday party.  Her daughter – my aunt – was a serious, raw fruit-eating vegan. My grandmother didn’t have a lot of experience cooking for this group and turned over control of the kitchen so they could make what they wanted.  She threw together what she called the chemical cake so that those of us looking for something a little more tasty and dangerous would have something to eat.

Of the two-buffet-tables worth of salad, veggies and fruit, the chemical cake was the first thing to disappear.

1 Package dark chocolate cake mix.
2 tbls brandy
2 tbls instant coffee
1 pkg instant chocolate pudding
1 pint whipping cream

Make the cake mix and bake in 3 evenly divided cake pans.

In a deep bowl, blend brandy and instant coffee.
Add instant pudding and blend.
Add cream and beat with electric beaters until semi-stiff.
It stiffens quickly, so stop before it turns to cement.
Frost cake-top with chocolate jimmies.

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