Weegee’s Night Walks: Walking Tours of Weegee’s New York City

One of my favorite museums, The International Center of Photography, is offering walking tours of Weegee’s gritty New York City, called Weegee’s Night Walks, every Friday night in March from 8PM to midnight.  Weegee is the great photojournalist who is best known for groundbreaking, graphic photos of murder scenes in the 1930s.

Each tour is led by great street-scene photographers, including Nelson Bakerman, Edward Keating, Andrew Lichtenstein, Richard Sandler and Lynn Saville, and explores Weegee’s ‘subterranean world’ of alleys, back streets and night spots.

Tours are being held in conjunction with an impressive show of his work, called Weegee: Murder is My Business, currently at the museum until Sept 2, 2012.  The photographer’s estate left the bulk of his work to the museum.

“Weegee’s Night Walks” tour admission is $75.  Each tour starts in a different New York City neighborhood and ends in an appropriate bar or restaurant.